Web Marketing Services

Web Brain offer custom web marketing service for both small and large business organizations. We are trying to help our customers improve their online presence.

Web Marketing Services

Having a website is a great first step to earning new business and building credibility with potential clients, but how will people find your website? The answer is typically a search engine, but ranking on a search engine is a problem unto itself. Web Brain is experienced when it comes to web marketing, and can help your site rank high on search engine result pages. A search engine specialist will help you market your website because the best way to generate organic traffic is very difficult to master and constantly changing: search engine ranking.

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With Web Brain's website marketing service, you will be able to improve the presence of your website on the web and strengthen its presence on search engines.

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Here’s how Web Brain can help

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engines are constantly evolving, and it is a full-time job just staying on top of the latest changes. These changes are not trivial, as they determine which websites are seen by searchers and which websites aren’t. Learning how to create SEO-friendly content is a long process, but we have our entire staff trained in the ever-changing rules of SEO and are kept up to date with frequent in-house training.

Local online listings

Make sure your business and location are found by your local clients. We can create and update your local online listings to get you on the map (literally!) so visitors can find you through GPS apps, mobile local searches and any type of local web search. Local listings will help you not only get on the first page, but get the entire first page.

Get quality links

Search engines rate sites in many ways, but high-ranking sites all have one thing in common: they have many high-quality links from other sites. Web Brain can build mini-sites that target specific keywords to help increase your website’s rankings, as well as handle the procurement of other quality links.

Mobile marketing

Web marketing initiatives are helping businesses reach out across town and around the world to connect with customers and prospects in new and meaningful ways. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube now comprise the fastest-growing segment of web marketing budgets. Mobile marketing is growing fast, too. Smart phones, enabled with browsers and texting capabilities, are giving marketers unprecedented opportunities to connect with cell phone users in real time and market to them proactively. Targeted text ads encourage people to “respond now” to special, time-sensitive promotions.

Social media

Social media is becoming increasingly important to search engines, and should also be important to you and your business because social media is also a way to build and interact with an online community. If you want to build a loyal following, you need to get involved with social media. Web Brain can help you develop an effective marketing program that involves social media.