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Pushing the Limit of Digital Content Promotion

Content promotion ensures that your content reaches the right people – your target market – at the right time in the right places. It is critical to a successful content marketing strategy, after all, good content only becomes ‘great’ content when it is enjoyed and shared by others.

However, as with content creation, promoting your content can be an extremely time consuming and challenging job which is why we have a dedicated team that manages it for our customers.

Their sole focus is to ensure that your content not only reaches as wide an audience as possible but that it also connects with industry influencers and respected bloggers.

Digital Content Promotion

We will create a content promotion schedule which will be reviewed – and refined if necessary – every three months. We will also proactively target and form relationships with specific websites and influencers in your industry.

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Without doubt, no matter how much time or money you invest in promoting your content, it will fail unless your content is high quality, original and inspires people to share it. In fact, if your content is anything less than this, it can have a detrimental effect when it comes to forming relationships with key websites, publications and influencers.

At Web Brain, we have an in-house team of qualified web journalists who are highly skilled at creating inspiring content that will not only connect with your prospects but open doors to significantly increase the reach of your brand.

✒ High Quality Content

Work with you to identify high quality content which we believe will strongly represent your brand (this might be content that you have already produced or our in-house team of journalists can create unique and inspiring content for you)

✒ Heavy Promotion

We will reach out to industry-leading bloggers whose audiences we feel would be highly interested in your content. We will also promote your content to syndication sites. Analyse the success of your content promotion and, if necessary, refine the content and/or approach going forward.

✒ Unique Marketing Strategy

At Web Brain We understand that you want the content of your website to get loved and shared by people and which is why we come up with unique content marketing strategy to meet that requirement.