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Our SEO Service is designed to help you improve your website presence in the SERP by building quality links and by making your website search engine friendly.

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There are a number of different factors that determine how well your site ranks. Google has said that they use over 200 different factors to determine how well they rank a website, but they keep their exact methodology a secret. They merely say that website owners who focus on putting good content on their site will rank well. Other search engines use similar algorithms, but they may be a bit different.

SEO is based on what we know about these algorithms. We know that there are two major factors to worry about – keywords (important words on a page that relate to the subject) and links (inbound links from other sites). SEO influences the way your website ranks naturally or organically. Organic rankings will still fall below paid results.

Web Brain makes SEO a priority from the start, you can know that you’re making the right choice. You want to choose a company which makes SEO a priority, so that you will get lots of visitors to your website. Web Brain provides web marketing research, keyword research, content writing, and on-site search engine optimization; these techniques bring out the true potential of your website. Our company stays on top of all online and offline marketing strategies to make sure we deliver the best results using the most up to date web marketing tactics. We constantly monitor your site’s visitors, conversions, and sales to make adjustments based on in depth observations and analysis.

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We will help you optimize your website to make it popular across all major search engines and to boost your rankings by geo-targeting the areas where your business needs to be seen. We provide content writing and editing to ensure that your website’s material and information is accessible to search engines and also engaging to your target audience.

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Here’s why you should let us do your SEO

Measurable results

You should always be able to measure the success of any business or marketing campaign; search engine optimization is no different. We make sure you can see the results of our hard work and specifically how they boost your rankings for relevant keywords.

Detailed reports

We make sure you know how, where, and for what you’re ranking in detailed weekly reports. We let you know how you are ranking across Google, Yahoo, and Live search for all of your keywords. In these reports you will find links to article submissions, graphs, charts, and results of competitive analysis.

Ethical SEO practices

We make sure you rank competitively on search engines through trustworthy links from credible website sources. Web Brain is a local SEO service with respected clients and works closely with any and all clients to get their SEO campaign off the ground. We strive for organic ranking through search engines through high quality article submissions, press release, social media marketing, and link submission to relevant and credible websites.

Our PPC (pay-per-click) practices adhere to Google’s terms of service and engage users through meaningful content rather than false advertising. While PPC is great for immediate and steady results, taking our intensive SEO program which builds links over time will continue even after our contract with you is over; PPC results stop as soon as you quit your PPC campaign.


Also known as return on investment, Web Brain makes sure you can see your money being put to use as you watch your websites rank higher on major search engines once you start working with us.