make web copy stand out

How to Make a Web Copy Stand Out

How to Make a Web Copy Stand Out

Web-Copy: So, what is all this hubbub about it being the most vital aspect of an online business or presence? Why is it so necessary to zero in on the right words and the right voice to glorify your business.

Well, without letting you indulge in any more of these oscillating thoughts about the worthiness and the worthlessness of web-copy, the answer to all of the above is: Your website content effectively plays the role of a silent salesman and a business with weak or insignificant web-copy to support its purpose is a business short of success. Your web-copy must be exceptional as it can either make or break your business; with a force and intensity that equals each other in magnitude but in an opposite direction. It is content whether in the form of words, thoughts or pictures that adds value to matter. Make minimal effort to push the efficiency of your web-copy. The effect will be dramatic.

Here are a few tips to make your web-copy stand out amongst the pioneers of e world. Remember, although a web-copy that progressively climbs up the search engine charts is your biggest resource to a colossal traffic, its of no worth if your readers aren’t engaged in it.

Speak to your readers like you talk

A copy that connects is a copy that registers. This is the kind of copy your audience comes back for. Whip up a copy that is both conversational and gripping; devoid of fancifulness and jargons. With a zillion of websites on the Ethernet, doing the exact same thing, your conversational copy can be your stand alone USP apart from your services. You can be the readers best bet, the best e-buddy: a reason why they’d believe you.

Narrow your target audience

Be English to an Englishman, French to French! Such a simple adage and yet with such a humongous insight that one can easily apply to one’s web-copy. The sole purpose of your Web-Copy is to speak to your audience which cannot be achieved without understanding who they are. So, before you start writing your web-copy, know and understand your target audience. Once that is achieved, your copy will convert your words into sales, effortlessly and on its own.

Relevant message: What’s in it for me?

Just like you, your readers also like to know what’s in it for them. The next step to having a web-copy stand out is to give out your audience the message they want to hear; the information they are looking for. If your target audience is women, they might not be interested in the chemicals in your marketed sunscreen save those which prove that it is effective against the sun. In retrospect if your marketing target is a company that manufactures sunscreen, your web-copy should prolifically talk about the chemicals involved in the making and not the aesthetic properties in particular.


Although often not spoken of and is almost always taken for granted, flow of information is a vital aspect in making your web-copy stand out. In fact, a good flow will also ensure better navigation and egg the users to read on finally boiling down to your sales message. Make sure your copy moves from point 1 to point 2 effortlessly; like a given.

Grammar & Framework

At the end of it all, your copy is but an extension of your thoughts. And a mind that cannot exude its thoughts properly is but a few fries short of a happy meal. It is vital to commemorate your message to your target audience effectively through flawless content and a tight appeal that do not let the audience lose interest as no matter how much precise your information is, if its set in the milieu of a bad content framework, it will make your users navigate away. Include humor, lighter notes coupled with the ones that are strictly sales. Tell and sell.

Compelling Web-Copy isn’t too hard to achieve. It is always the first step called understanding.

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