Content that works at every stage of the buying cycle
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Different Types of Digital Content Creation

As with a magazine, it’s important that you publish a wide range of content. Not only does this help you connect with different types of prospects but it also ensures that your content maps the various stages of the buying cycle. For example, you need easily-digestible, shareable content to increase awareness of your brand at the top of the funnel but more educational content to assist at the interest and consideration stages in the middle and bottom of the funnel.


Ensuring that you have the right mix of content is key when it comes to converting passing traffic to readers, leads and ultimately customers. Here is a typical buying cycle and, below that, the various types of content that we can produce for you and where they best fit in the buying cycle.


A wide range of high quality, original content which is proven to drive prospects through your sales cycle and increase conversions.

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News articles are one of the most shared forms of content on social media. In fact, 78% of internet users go online for news. Becoming a news publisher will reinforce your brand as an industry thought-leader and spread your reach on social media. Here are some examples of news articles we have written:

Perfect for:

  • ❒ Increasing brand awareness
  • ❒ Keeping your social media sites fresh
  • ❒ Driving traffic to your website


Infographics are very effective at portraying large amounts of data in a fun and educational way. They are highly shareable on social media, making them an efficient carrier of your brand.

Perfect for:

  • ❒ Increasing social media reach
  • ❒ Increasing the length of time visitors spend on your website


Blog posts are an extremely popular form of content, especially given the levels of engagement they can yield. They are great for initiating conversations and debates which makes them a highly shareable form of content for social media. Here are some examples of blog content we have written:

Perfect for:

  • ❒ Connecting on a more informal level with your prospects
  • ❒ Demonstrating expertise
  • ❒ Generating leads


As with the news articles, these are commercially-neutral and talk about products/tools/services in your industry as opposed to reviews about your own. For example, Red Rocket Media might review the various social media analytics tools that are available on the market.

Perfect for:

  • ❒ Demonstrating your knowledge of the industry
  • ❒ Educating your audience


With the amount of information your prospects are bombarded with every day, many people appreciate a round-up detailing the highlights of what’s been happening in the industry that week.

Perfect for:

  • Demonstrating your knowledge of the industry
  • Forming relationships with industry experts (by linking to their articles)
  • Sharing on social media


Evergreen articles are longer, more in-depth pieces (such as how-to guides, feature articles, tips and advice pieces) which address the pain points of your prospects and customers. Due to their educational nature, they are very effective at instilling trust and moving people through the middle of the buying cycle.

Perfect for:

  • Positioning you as an expert in your field
  • Boosting your visibility in the search engines
  • Driving traffic to your website over long periods of time
  • Increasing your website’s stickiness/enhancing time spent on page


Entertaining and educational videos are a great way to quickly connect with your audience, especially with those that are more visually-stimulated. It will also help to gain exposure in the search engines (YouTube is part of the Google network).

Perfect for:

  • Sharing on social media
  • Educating potential customers in a short space of time