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Your content marketing strategy plays a vital role in the success of your content marketing and will ensure that you are connecting with your prospects and customers as effectively as possible. It will:

  • ❒ Define your measurable objectives
  • ❒ Identify what information your customers need as opposed to what you want to offer
  • ❒ Ensure that your content is delivered in the way your customers want it
  • ❒ Allow you to track the success of your content marketing activities

Our specialist consultants are experts at creating and driving a successful content marketing strategy which will help you nurture and influence your prospects at each stage of the buying cycle. We will ensure that each piece of content you create adds value to your content portfolio and works towards your overall objectives

Digital Content Strategy

We will also make sure that your content marketing strategy supports your broader business objectives, driving measurable results and maximizing your return on investment.

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1. Content audit

Once your Campaign Delivery Manager has been allocated, they will carry out a review of your website’s current content to identify content gaps and make recommendations on creating prospect-centric content. We will assess if the content is:

  • ❒ Well-written
  • ❒ Relevant to your audience
  • ❒ Valuable or self-promotional
  • ❒ Supportive of your overall marketing strategy
  • ❒ SEO-friendly and keyword-driven
  • ❒ Matched to each stage of the buying cycle in order to nurture lead

2. Research your audience

  • ❒ Monitor social media
  • ❒ Look at current research around your own industry
  • ❒ Research the competition
  • ❒ Choose certain demographics or industries to target and research their characteristics/buying habits

3. Create an editorial calendar

Based on the results from steps 1 and 2, we will formulate an editorial calendar over a given time frame. This will incorporate your various target audiences, your keywords, story ideas, content formats etc.

✒ High Quality Content


Once your editorial calendar is in place and our journalists have been fully briefed on the articles that you require, we will start work straight away on providing you with a regular supply of high quality, shareable content, bespoke to you. We can feed this direct to your website via XML.


Your Campaign Delivery Manager will continually monitor how your content is performing (providing that you are happy to give us access to your Google Analytics). They will track which types of content generate the most interest and provide you with a quarterly report.


Once we know which content resonates best with your audience, we will refine it accordingly and continually aim to improve the results. This is an on-going process as the needs of your audience are constantly evolving.